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Civil engineering interview Questions and their answers(in English and Hindi) in pdf

 To download this file in PDF, please click on below 🔗  Civil engineering interview questions and their answers in PDF file Question 1-  What do you mean by Fe 500D re-bar? Answer - Various grades of Re-bars are used in civil engineering works I. e. Construction of structures, buildings etc.  Some text is written on re-bars(Fe 500D) that provides following information.  Where (Fe-500D) Fe- It stand for iron 500- Minimum yield strength D-  Ductility (Not for diameter) Question 2- What is DBM?   प्रश्न 2- डीबीएम क्या है? Answer- DBM - The full form of DBM is Dense Bituminous macadam. DBM is mixture of sand(fine aggregate) , coarse aggregate,filler and bitumen in suitable proportions. DBM - DBM का पूर्ण रूप Dense Bituminous Macadam है।  डीबीएम उपयुक्त अनुपात में रेत(sand), coarse aggregate , भराव (filler)  और कोलतार(Bitumen) का मिश्रण है।   To know more about DBM,kindly click on below 🔗 bituminous macadam(DBM) Question 3 -Why dowel bars are used in
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Reinforced soil earth Wall (RE/RS wall) uses and its specifications

 This article includes :- 1- What is Reinforced soil earth Wall (RE/RS wall)? 2- why and where is used Reinforced soil earth Wall(RS/RE wall) ?  3- What are the types of RS/RE wall? 4 - Material used in RS/RE Wall.  5 - What is the Construction procedure of RS/RE Wall?  6 - What are the tolerance limits for various items(like panels,joints, levelling pad top etc.) of RS/RE Wall?  7 - Measurement Of RS/RE Wall. 1- What is RS/RE wall (Reinforced soil earth wall) ? RS/RE Wall (Reinforced soil earth wall) is a self stabilized and rigid structure that is designed or used to restrain the soil deformation and achieve the desired soil slope. The stability of RS/RE wall is maintained by its own weight. The friction between reinforcement (metallic elements or polymeric elements) and soil keeps the structure in its position. Due to this friction force ,less lateral force exerts on precast panel members of RS/RE wall.  2- why and where is used Reinforced soil earth Wall?  RE/RS Wall (Reinforced so

Unit conversions

In this article, we shall learn about two types of unit conversions - 1 - Local unit conversions  2 - standard unit conversions  So let's get start............ Local unit conversions Length measurements 1- 1 Hand(हाथ) = 18 inches/ 0.5 yards/0.4572 meters 2- 1 Gattha(गटठा) = 5.5 hand/ 99 inches/ 2.75 yards/ 2.5146 meters 3- 1 jareeb(जरीब) = 110 hand/ 20 gattha/ 1980 inches/ 55 yards/ 50.292 meters 4- 1 inch = 8 soot(सूत) 5- 1 soot (सूत) = 3.175 mm Area measurements 1- 1 Unwansi(1 उनवांसी) = 24.5025 sq. Inch/ 0.1702 sq. feet 2- 1 kachwansi(1कचवांसी)  = 20 unwansi/ 490.05 sq. Inch/ 3.4031 sq. feet / 0.3161 sq. met. 3- 1 Biswansi(1 बिसवांसी) = 20 kachwansi / 1 sq. gattha/ 9801 sq. Inch/ 68.0625 sq. feet/ 6.3232  sq. Met. 4- 1Muthi(1मुटठी)  = 9440 sq. Inch/ 135 sq. feet/ 45 sq. Yard 5- 1  Bissa/ Biswa(1 बिस्सा /बिस्वा) = 20 sq. gattha(गटठा) / 20 Biswansi/ 1361.25 sq. feet/ 126.4643 sq. met. 6- 1 Naali (नाली) = 16 muthi/ 2160 sq. feet/ 240 sq. yard 7- 1 kaccha bigha(1


CEMENT CONCRETE KERB AND KERB WITH CHANNEL 1 - Scope This work shall consist of constructing cement concrete kerbs and kerbs with channel in the central median and/or along the footpaths or separators in conformity with the lines, levels and dimensions as specified in the drawings or as directed by the Engineer. To know more about PQC(Pavement Quality Concrete) ,kindly visit on below  link 🔗 2 - Materials Kerbs and kerb with channel shall be provided in cement concrete of Grade M 20. 3 - Type of Construction These shall be cast-in-situ construction with suitable kerb casting machine in all situations except at locations where continuous casting with equipment is not practicable. In those locations precast concrete blocks shall be used. 4 - Equipment A continuous kerb casting equipment of adequate capacity and controls, capable of laying the kerbs in required cross-sections and produ

Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) / Cement Concrete Pavement

Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) /Cement Concrete Pavement   PQC is a top most layer in rigid pavement. PQC roads are more durable than  bituminous roads I. e. The life of rigid pavements is more than Flexible this article you will learn about PQC material and its quantity, Dowel and tie bars specifications and it's tolerances limits, joint formation and its filling process  and measurement. Scope The work shall consist of construction of un-reinforced, dowel jointed,plain cement concrete pavement in accordance with the requirements of these Specifications and in conformity with the lines, grades and cross sections shown on the drawings. The design parameters, viz., thickness of pavement slab, grade of concrete, jointdetails etc. shall be as stipulated in the drawings. To get more details about Flexible pavement (Bituminous concrete),  kindly click on below link 🔗 M