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Difference between slip and skid in Highway engineering

Difference between slip and skid  Slip - slip occour when the wheel of vehicle revolves more than the corresponding longitudinal movement along the road. Slipping usually takes place in the driving wheel of a vehicle when the vehicle rapidly accelerates from stationary position or From slow speed of vehicle on the road surface which is either slippery and  wet or when the road surface is loose with mud. जब वाहन का पहिया सड़क के साथ अनुदैर्ध्य (longitudinal) आंदोलन (movement) से अधिक घूमता है, तो स्लिप की घटना घटित होती है । फिसलन आमतौर पर एक वाहन के ड्राइविंग व्हील में होती है जब वाहन सड़क की सतह (जो या तो फिसलन भरी और गीला होती है या जब सड़क की संतह कीचड़ से ढीली होती है।)पर एक साथ स्थिर स्थिति से या धीमी गति से तेजी(accelerate) से बढ़ता है| Skid- skid occurs when the wheel of vehicle slide without revolving or when wheel partially revolve I.e. when the path travelled along the road surface is more than the circumferential movement of the wheel due to their rotation.

Detailed information about the survey term C. P.( Change point or control point)  

Detailed information about the survey term C. P.( Change point or control point)   C. P. -Change Point A Change Point ( C.P.) is a term that is used in survey work. It is a  point which shows the shifting of the level. It is a point on which fore sight and back sights are taken. Any fix, stable and well defined object such as boundary stone, any concrete object, curb stone, rail, rock, etc., is used as a change poin. C.P.-  control points Control point  Control Points ( C.P.) are the  fixed points of known coordinates (considering X, Y, and Z Co-ordinate) . This type of  information can give data of  elevation or can give  data of all coordinates. Control points are determined by high-precision surveys. Generally , control points for a construction project can be established conveniently around the project area with high-precision. Such points would then be used throughout the project for referencing subsequent survey work, such as locating foundations, pipes, and

Full form of various terms used in civil engineering /highway engineering or road work

Full Form of various  terms used in civil engineering  (Highway and expressway)  List of various  acronyms or abbreviations used in civil engineering  TBM- Temporary Bench mark (टे᠎म्‌प्‌ररि बेंच मार्क) BM- Bench Mark ( बेंच मार्क ) / Bituminous Macadam ( बिटुमिनस मैकडम) MSL- Mean Sea Level (मीन सी लेवल) BS- Back sight( बैक साइट) FS - Fore sight  (फोर साइट) HI - Height of Instrument ( हाइट आंफ इन्‌स्‍ट्रमन्‍ट्‌) TS-  Total Station (टोटल स्टेशन) GPS- Global Positioning System (ग्लोबल पोजिशनिंग सिस्टम) ROW- Right of Way (राइट ऑफ वे) MTV- material Transport vehicle (मटेरियल ट्रांसपोर्ट वहीकल) NGL- Natural Ground Level (नेचुरल ग्राउन्‍ड्‌ लेवल ) OGL- Original Ground level (अˈरिजन्‌ल्‌ ग्राउन्‍ड्‌ लेवल ) C&G- Clearing and Grubbing ( क्लियरिंग और ग्रबिंग) EMB- Embankment SG- Subgrade (सबग्रेड) GSB- Granular sub-base WMM- Wet Mix Macadam ( वेट मिक्स मैकडैम) WBM- Water Bound Macadam (वाटर बाउंड मैकडैम) DBM- Dense Bituminous Macadam SDBM- Semi- Dense Bitumino